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    Manufacturing processes scheduling and inventory tracking

    With us, you can reduce waste, make accurate demand forecasts, respond effectively to disruptions and much more. You'll benefit from being able to align your production plan with transportation and workforce requirements.


    Scheduling and routing

    We help you to create optimal plans by taking into account the numerous unique constraints and complexities of your trucking operations. Armed with the actionable insights that our software provides, you're able to increase efficiency levels and attain remarkable cost savings.


    Warehouse picking and employee scheduling

    By generating very close matches between expected workload across the week and the required shift patterns and staff deployment, we maximises warehouse capacity while delivering improved performance and efficiency across the network.

    Oil & Gas

    Pipeline and truck scheduling

    We improve operational efficiency while reducing the costs and risks of serving growing demand. This results in improved availability, reliability, margins, and profits.


    Generation schedules and transportation

    We monitor and measure your consumption, responsible for identification of waste and performance issues, working closely with on-site teams to provide pro-active resolutions to maintain and improve performance.


    Workforce dimensioning and scheduling

    We can help you to increase your flexibility, adaptability and operational performance to enable them to better address those challenges and remain competitive and ahead of the game.

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    Big Data and Machine Learning

    We give you the power to streamline, analyse and discover real-time insights within your data that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Everything just got simpler and smarter through our custom domain artificial intelligence.


    We focus on both visualisation techniques for information visualisation and accessibility as well as the use of constrained optimisation techniques in visualisation and document layout to better understand the problem and trust the solution.


    We develop technology that (a) makes it easier to use and combine different solving techniques, (b) helps users select and apply the right solving techniques for their models, and (c) provides useful information to explain the causes of and remedies for poor solving performance.


    We enable one to simulate the operation of a system and clearly demonstrate the ability or inability of the system to meet the performance objectives of planning & scheduling processes, avoiding the pitfalls of a new computer models of planned system.

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    Kai Feng

    Sales leader


    Optimisation expert and leader


    Optimisation expert and business analyst


    Business analyst and project manager


    Optimisation and logistics expert


    Sales manager


    IBM Decision Optimisation Technology

    CPLEX Reseller

    Croakun partners with IBM to provide ILOG CPLEX customisation to solve optimisation problems specifically tailored to your industry and needs.

    IBM ILOG CPLEX is a model development toolkit for mathematical and constraint programming to optimise business decisions.

  • CPLEX Training

    We provide custom IBM CPLEX training that is specifically tailored to your needs, using the typical problems in your industry. Coverage includes MILP or CPO, OPL language or programmatic APIs (C, C++, Java, Python), and Advanced techniques (column generation, Bender's decomposition).


    OPL Syntax

    You will learn the Optimisation Programming Language (OPL) syntaxes followed by hands-on experience in OPL Studio and quizzes.


    IBM CPLEX Solver

    Using IBM CPLEX Optimiser’s mathematical programming technology in better decision making by improving efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing profitability.


    Modelling Practice

    Working with programming assignments and quizzes which help them learn and develop mathematical models in Linear Programming, Mixed Integer Programming and Quadratic Programming


    MultiScale Model

    Explore the concept of OPL Script in detail and how the same can be used to call same model multiple times or multiple models from different projects or files.

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    Production planning and scheduling


    Routing and scheduling

    Oil & Gas

    Transportation of oil in a pipeline network

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    A World Leader in Optimisation


    IBM prescriptive analytics solutions provide organisations in commerce, financial services, healthcare, government and other highly data-intensive industries with a way to analyse data and transform it into recommended actions almost instantaneously.


    CoEnzyme specialises in optimisation, decision-support and modeling. Relying on their high level of expertise in quantitative methods, the consultants deliver efficient solutions to complex business problems. They provide services to diversified industries, including Retail, Oil & Gas, etc.

    Optimization Direct

    Optimization Direct combines their founder's industry and software experience with IBM's optimisation software to bring you the best optimisation solutions in the market.


    Opta-lp provides solutions for the optimisation of logistics, production and resources: diagnosis, simulation, optimisation studies and software. Opta-lp experts will provide the best solution to your needs.

    Smart BP

    SmartBP helps you implementing advanced analytics in your decision making processes. It offers mathematical optimisation solutions that add value to your company from data analysis to reports and optimised action plans.


    Multitudine provides consulting services, hardware, software and training for public or private companies in Chile.

  • Industry 4.0

    Amidst all the data collected from digitisation, sensorisation and integration, transitioning this data into finding the hidden gems is the next priority. Optimisation of manufacturing data comes through analytics, simulation, predictive and preventative maintenance, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to reduce costs and improve quality.

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