• Batching & Scheduling for Manufacturing

    Optimisation software for manufacturing

  • What We Do

    Improve plant operations

    Provide cost estimates for schedule changes ​

    Create and compare multiple scenarios. Test the effect on the schedule of different priorities like costs versus on-time delivery, prioritisation of different orders, or prioritisation of different customers. Inform management of the cost and delays incurred in any last minute schedule changes.

    Redesign processes and plants ​

    Redesign processes to improve the performance of the plant. Simulate plant design changes like capacity increments, specialisation of production lines. Help evaluating the return on investment of new machinery and facilities and how they actually help the company meet its goals.




    Quantify and validate production plans ​

    Validate overall production plans against the plant schedule and understand how global decisions impact plant efficiency.


    Help management make more informed decisions when balancing the different components of the supply chain and achieve corporate strategic targets quickly.


    Make a budget for your needs in terms of materials, equipment, facilities, maintenance and workforce.

    Analyse and control ​

    Monitor adherence to schedules and identify where and why the schedules are non-compliant. Trace the issues back to their root causes like unreliable data, faulty equipment or poorly defined processes.

  • Croakun Production Planner and Scheduler

    Optimisation software for manufacturing

    The Croakun PPS aligns production plans with the corporate strategy. Whether the objective is to produce at the lowest cost, maximise production volume, meet specific customer deadlines, or a combination, PPS is able to find the plan that does this.

  • Considerations

    Organisations that pursue manufacturing as a part of their business have a special range of logistics issues that must be taken into consideration.


    Supply Chain Management

    Logistics Trade Offs, Storage Network, Transport Network, Inventory Deployment, Load Balancing, In House vs Third Party Logistics, Peak Network Capacity, Depot Boundaries and Postponement.


    Batching & Scheduling

    Plant Utilisation, Plant Location, Increasing Capacity, Batch Size / Frequency, Changeovers and RM, WIP & FG Stock Management.

  • Industry


    Beverage manufacturers are facing various problems.

    We help with beverages production planning & scheduling for brewery, soft drinks and dairy for profitable business.

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