• Optimisation for Profitable Retailing

    Strive to deliver excellence in every interaction, be it optimising the retail planning process, recognising a loyal customer or resolving a customer issue.

  • Identify and quantify your problems

    Queues forming

    on one register when others are completely empty.

    Customers refuse to use checkouts

    because they don't like self-checkouts or maybe because they don't like walking.

    Too many checkout lines opened​

    at some times of the day, too few at others.

  • Store Strategic Planner

  • Bring solutions to your team

    Help checkout leaders​

    forecast the customer flow,compute the number of employees required, the best moments to give breaks, where and when to open registers.

    Help store directors​

    dimension the number of employees.
    their need and their contracts,organize vacations and manage the business events calendar.

    Help regional managers​

    Manage their budget, define action plans, evaluate investments and simulate the introduction of new technologies.

  • Benefits for you

    We've got a top notch team!

    Checkout leader

    Simplify your work

    • Manage your checkout line easily and efficiently
    • Compute your workforce needs for any part of the day, month or year
    • Identify typical mistakes and show your line is improving on a regular basis

    Store director

    Adapt your organization to your needs

    • Visualise your store performance and compare with other stores
    • Identify issues and define concrete action plans
    • Justify your decisions with data and factual analysis

    Regional manager

    Manage your budget strategically

    • Identify the best use of your budget
    • Align all your store managers with your strategy and make sure they execute


    Make sure investments have lasting effects

    • Make sure the organization continually improves
    • Ensure investments done by the group have quantifiable and lasting results
  • See the improvements ... or the lack of

    Measure improvements​

    in productivity, forecast quality and store performance.

    Be informed​

    of the evolution of queues every day, week or month. Get alerts if they don't evolve as desired.

    Visualise results​

    customer flows, basket distributions and other performance indicators.


    stores that are improving and stores that are not. Align everyone with the company strategic plans using data as evidence.

  • Our offer

    Workforce dimensioning


    Make strategic decisions like workforce dimensioning, contract types and impact of new technologies.

    Performance analysis
    and improvement cycle


    Control the continuous improvement process using visualization of performance indicators, comparisons, alerts and more.

    Surface management


    Manage the daily needs of stores, forecasting customer flows, defining schedules and checkout operations.

  • We have designed and deployed for Real GmbH in Germany, a solution that helps dimensioning the workforce of 300 hypermarkets and scheduling employees since 2015.

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